Are you trying to download any popular file from Google Drive? Then you might have seen this "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time" message. This message say's that this file will be available for you to download after 24 hours and so on. I know that waiting for 24 hours to download some file is really annoying and makes you impatience. So in this article I am going to show you how to bypass this message and download the file without waiting for 24 hours. The only thing which is required for this tutorial is your own Google account. The trick which we will see is going to take your hardly 1-2 minutes so let's begin.

[SOLVED] Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time on Google Drive

solved sorry you can't view or download this file

Why this message occurs?

There are some reasons behind this Google drive quota exceeded message. This message mainly occurs because too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently or if the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people. This is the trigger set by Google to detect some suspicious activities or to slow down the load from their server.

Steps to solve or bypass "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time":

Note: Before proceeding further make sure that you have logged in to Google drive with your Google account.

Step 1 - Open the Google drive file link which you want to download and make some changes in the URL as shown below-
  • Remove "&export=download".
  • Replace "uc" with "open" and click "Enter".


Step 2 - Now click on that "Add to My Drive" button located beside Download button at top right corner.


Step 3 - Now go to your "Google Drive" account homepage. You will notice that added file. Now right click on that file and click on "Make a copy".


Step 4 - You will notice that ownership of the file which you have copied has been changed. Now you can download the copied file without getting "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time" message.

google drive error

If you want to watch video tutorial of this demonstration you can watch that as well -

I hope this quick tutorial will help you to solve "too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently" Google drive error message. Comment me if you are still facing this problem and unable to download the Google drive file. I would like to solve your query.
Want to chat on "WhatsApp" with unknown person without revealing your phone number? Want another virtual private number so that you can use it as secondary "WhatsApp" number? Or Want to use multiple "WhatsApp" accounts simultaneously without getting a new phone number? then congratulations you are at a right space. In this article we are going to see - How to clone and run your "WhatsApp" account that too without getting new phone number. So let us start!

Use WhatsApp with Free Virtual Phone Number

Use WhatsApp with Free Virtual Phone Number

We need following apps, so download them from Android play store-

1. Parallel Space-

"Parallel Space" is the free app through which you can clone and run multiple accounts of the same applications at the same time. It is available to download on play store to free of cost. We are going to use this application to clone "WhatsApp" messaging application. Click on the link given below to download this app.

2. Primo-

"Primo" is a free application that allows you to call and message friends around the world for free of cost. It generates a free virtual number for you so that you can use it to communicate with your friends. We are going to use "Primo" to generate free virtual private number so that we can use it  to activate cloned "WhatsApp" account and eventually we will use it as as our secondary "WhatsApp" number.

After downloading, follow the steps below to use your "WhatsApp" with free virtual phone number:

Step 1 - Open "Parallel Space" and add "WhatsApp" application to clone.

Step 2 - Now open "Primo" and sign up to create a new account. Confirm your phone number and email address. Now swipe left to open hidden menu and tap on "Add phone number". You will get free virtual phone number from another country. Now you can use this number to activate your cloned "WhatsApp" account.

Step 3 - Now open "Parallel Space" → then tap on cloned "WhatsApp" → Enter your new virtual private number given by "Primo" app → and tap on Next.

virtual number for whatsapp

Step 4 - Now "WhatsApp" will ask you to verify your phone number. Tap on "Call me". You will get call from "WhatsApp" to verify your phone number with secret 6-digit code. Enter that secret 6-digit verification code. After verification restore the backup of your "WhatsApp" if it ask you and update your profile name and bam! you've got a new "WhatsApp" account with new virtual phone number!

free virtual phone number

You can use this account to chat with the strangers whom you don't know and don't wan't to reveal your primary "WhatsApp" number. Share this article if you like it and don't forget to leave your comment below in the comment section.
Almost everyone here is using USB devices like Pendrives, Memory cards, MP3 players, etc. You might have heard about the virus called shortcut virus this why you are here. So in this article we are going to discuss about this virus and then later we will see how to deal with it. So, let's start by defining what exactly shortcut virus is-

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive

How to remove shortcut virus

What is shortcut Virus?

Shortcut virus is a virus which infects your USB flash drive (Pendrive), hard disk or memory memory card and then converts all your files and folders into shortcuts of those files and folder. Basically this nasty virus hides your original files and folders stored inside your removable media. So, one cannot access the data from that particular drive.

How does it spreads?

Like typical virus behavior this shortcut virus replicate itself whenever someone run that infected file or try to open that infected folder. It then infect other files that are stored on your hard disk or it might make its entry inside your windows registry. So, whenever you insert another USB drive which is not already infected by this virus will get infected by means of creating shortcuts of files/folders inside that USB flash drive.

How it looks?

As soon as you insert shortcut virus infected pendrive into your PC you will see scenario like this-
shortcut virus remover tool
In certain cases (if you have enabled show hidden files and folder or file extensions) you might see the files and folders name ends with .exe, .lnk, .ini, .vbs, etc extensions.

What it can do?

As other malicious programs do, it can open backdoor for an attacker so that he can steal your vulnerable information such as your credit/debit card information, important passwords, and other vulnerable transaction details. It can also install other malware programs on your computer.

How to fix shortcut virus?

This what we are going to see in this article. Sometime it become frustrating and annoying while dealing with this nasty virus as most of the cases antivirus not able to remove this virus completely from your PC. So, we are going to see some techniques to remove shortcut virus from pendrive and we will discuss about shortcut virus remover tool. So let's remove shortcut virus from pendrive.

Method 1 - Make your own shortcut virus remover for PC.

Open your notepad and copy paste the code given below. Change I:\ to the drive letter where you want to perform scan and then save it as "shortcutvirus remover.vbs". Now double click on this vbs file to execute.

' Reset the file attributes of All the Folder in a specific Drive
' Change I:\ to the drive letter where you want the change will happen.

cDrive = "I:\"

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
ShowSubfolders FSO.GetFolder(cDrive)
WScript.Echo "Done with fix."

Sub ShowSubFolders(Folder)
    str = ""
    For Each Subfolder in Folder.SubFolders
        str = str & " " & Subfolder.Path
        subFolder.Attributes = 0
        ShowSubFolders Subfolder
End Sub

Method 2 - Command to remove shortcut virus.

First method doesn't worked for you? Never mind, we have another way to remove this usb shortcut virus by using single line command prompt (CMD) command. This will definitely help you!
  • To delete/fix shortcut virus, please connect your infected USB flash drive to your PC.
  • Now click on "Start" → enter "cmd" → then right click and select "Run as administrator".

remove shortcut virus from pendrive
  • Now enter this command → "attrib -h -r -s /s /d I:*.*" (Without double quotes) and press enter key.
command to remove shortcut virus

(Note: I am assuming that your USB flash drive as "I" letter. If your drive is not "I" then replace it with that letter.)

Method 3 - Use USBFIX antivirus to remove shortcut virus.

Don't want to enter command every time you insert infected pendrive? Still never mind, you can use shortcut virus remover tool called USBFIX that can remove shortcut virus from pendrive. Its free version is available to download and use. Click on the link given below to download this shortcut virus remover for PC.
Now install this shortcut virus remover tool and launch it. Now click on the clean option of USBFIX and wait for some time to complete its action completely.

How to remove shortcut virus from Windows registry?

After infecting your PC it might enter inside your Windows registry then can modify some registry entries. To fix this follow the steps given below.
  • Click the "Start" button, then enter "Run".
  • Now type "regedit" and click on OK.

fix shortcut virus
  • Now go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Run"
usb shortcut virus remover

Now examine for suspicious program entry inside "Run" and "RunOnce". If you find something that you don't know, then google that program name. If it found as virus or spyware then right click on it and "delete" it

That's it guys! We this article surely help you to eliminate this virus completely from your PC. If you want to prevent this virus entering in your PC then make sure to update your antivirus software as well as your Windows OS.
Searching for the online age calculator? Don't have time to search on Internet? Want to find age locally on your computer? Then don't worry! We are going to show you - how to create your own birth year calculator using So let us do it!
If you want to compile and run the following code then make sure you have installed Visual Studio and DotNet 3.5 framework on your Windows PC. Don't have Visual Studio? Never mind, I have posted a link to download this dob calculator executable file.

Calculate My Age - Your Age Counter

real age calculator

What you have to do is just create a new form project in your Visual Studio. Drag and drop two Date Time Picker and change their name to dtp1 and dtp2 respectively from their properties section. Also drag and drop two buttons and change their text to Calculate and Exit respectively. Also change their name to btnCalculate and btnExit from their properties section respectively and then copy paste below code by double click on form-

Public Class Form1
    Dim DV1 As Date
    Dim DV2 As Date
    Dim DT As TimeSpan
    Dim Diff As Double

    Private Sub btnExit_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnExit.Click

    End Sub

    Private Sub btnCalculate_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnCalculate.Click
        DV1 = Me.dtp1.Value.ToShortDateString
        DV2 = Me.dtp2.Value.ToShortDateString
        DT = (DV2 - DV1)
        Diff = DT.Days
        Me.lblAge.Text = ("You are - " + Str(Int(Diff / 365)) + " Years ")
        Diff = Diff Mod 365
        Me.lblAge.Text = Me.lblAge.Text + (Str(Int(Diff / 30)) + " Months ")
        Diff = Diff Mod 30
        Me.lblAge.Text = Me.lblAge.Text + (Str(Diff) + " Days old")
    End Sub
End Class

To download source code for this age calendar then click on the link given below-
To download executable file of this age calculator then click on the link given below-

(Don't worry, file and source code is clean and virus free!)

Something gone wrong while compiling this code? Then leave your message below in the comment section. I will try my best to solve your queries. Thank you!
Most of us like to watch videos, musics on your PCs, Smartphones, etc. Sometimes we might face a situation where a video file or an audio file which is compatible with one device let's say the PC is not compatible with other device let's say the smartphone. This is because some devices or applications simply does not support the file format. So we are now going to discuss a way to solve this problem.

Convert any video and music file for free using VLC

convert any video and audio file for free using vlc

There are many dedicated applications are available to convert a video or an audio file. Most of them are paid. In this tutorial we are going to use a free and open source application to accomplish this task. I hope you all are familiar with VLC media player. It is very popular open source media player that can able to render and play every video and audio file format. It is available for free of cost for Windows PCs, MAC, and Android based smartphone. In this tutorial I am going to use Windows PC version of VLC media player. Now let's see an example, how to convert a MP4 to AVI using VLC media player.

Step 1: If you haven't already installed VLC media player then click here to download. Now open VLC media player and go to Media menu, and then click on Convert/Save.

how to convert mp4 to avi

Step 2: Now using Add button, select any video or audio file that you want to convert and then click on Convert/Save. In this tutorial I am going to convert MP4 to AVI therefore, I'm selecting MP4 file.

free avi to mp4 converter

Step 3: Now click on Browse button, select destination folder and enter the file name with target file format.

convert mp4 to avi

Step 4: Now under the Convert section, click on profile and select target file format. VLC media player can convert most of the video and audio file formats such as MP4/MOV, MPEG-TS/PS/1, MKV, AVI, FLV, Webm, Ogg/Ogm, WAV, WMV/ASF. If you want to convert a video or an audio file for specific platform then there are different presets available specifically for devices like Android, iPod, YouTube, etc.

convert wma to mp3

Step 5: You can make your own preset by playing with settings. You can set bit rate, codec, frame rate, quality, resolution, etc according to your own preferences. This is an optional step.

mp3 to wav converter

Step 6: Under the Settings > Encapsulation select a target file format. Click on save and then click on Start.

wmv to mp4

Depending on size and settings it will take some time to convert mp4 to avi. You can see the progress bar.

free video converter

So that's it guys, we successfully converted mp4 video file to avi file format using a free video converter called VLC media player. In this tutorial we seen how to convert mp4 to avi file but you can convert other file formats too like you can convert wma to mp3, wmv to mp4, etc.
Almost everyone here is using the Microsoft windows operating system. Sometimes we come into the situation where we want to improve overall performance of our computer system, recover permanently deleted files, fix corrupted files, compress large size file into small size, etc. Microsoft Windows by default does not provide solutions to these problems so we have to find alternative programs that can overcome to these problems. So, in this article we are going to top five useful utility application programs that you must have to install on your windows based PC.

Top five Best Utility Programs for Windows 7/8/10

Top 5 Best Utility Programs for Windows

1. CCleaner -

ccleaner best utility application

CCleaner is a utility application used to clean and remove junk files (inclusing temporary files, invalid windows registries, temporary internet files, cookies, etc) from your computer. This popular utility program is developed by Piriform for Windows, Mac, and Android platform. It is available for free of cost to download and install on single user PC. If you are business or professional user then you have to pay for additional features. The basic need of this utility application is to delete temporary or potentially unwanted files, which includes temporary files from your internet browsers, file explorer, and files from other programs that you constantly use. Apart from this, it also fixes your invalid registry entries, missing DLLs, etc. This utility application helps you to improve overall performance of your computer significantly by correcting your PC's system and user application flaws. You can download and install this best PC utility program from link given below.

2. Recuva -

recuva best utility program

Recuva is one of the most popular data recovery program for Windows platform, developed by Piriform. It helps you to recover files that have been permanently deleted from your computer. It can able to recover almost every type of files (like images, videos, songs, etc) which have been deleted permanently from your PC, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. This program support both FAT and NTFS file systems. Recuva free version is available to download and install on your PC. If you want some additional features then you have to pay for Recuva professional version. You can download and install Recuva file recovery program from the link given below.

3. CPU-Z -

cpu z best utility tool

CPU-Z is a freeware system monitoring and profiling utility application for Windows and Android platform. It detects the CPU, RAM, Motherboard, GPU, etc related information of your system which can help you to diagnose some of your system problems. It detect and display detailed information about above mentioned PC components. CPU-Z is very tiny in size i.e. less 2 MB and available free of cost to download and use on your windows based computer system. To download free CPU Z 64 bit and 32 bit version just click on the link given below.

4. 7-Zip -

7 zip best utility program

7-Zip is an open source and freeware file archiver used to compress files and folders. It has its own 7z archive format to compress any kind of file but it also supports other popular archive file format such as zip, rar, etc. It is available for Windows, OS X and Linux platform to download and install. Using this utility application you can compress the files which are large in size into single reduced size file and then share it with your friends. You can download 7-zip from the link given below.

5. Notepad++ -

notepad plus plus

If you are coder then you might have heard about this application. Notepad++ is a freeware text and source code editor for Windows platform. It is much more convenient than the built-in notepad program from Windows. It supports features such as multi-tab, open and work with multiple files in a single window, text encoding, square selection, automatic backup, simultaneous editing, etc. It supports almost every programming language and provides features such as automatic code completion, syntax highlighting, function list, etc. Notepad++ also provides support for macros and plugins through which you can compile and run the program source code. Basically it has a capability to serve the purpose of almost every Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You can download this multipurpose text and source code editor from the link given below.
I hope you guys have liked this article. Download and try these best utility programs tell me in the comment section whether they worked for you or not!